Pagan: Ultima VIII - Signed Copy


Hi there,

I have a signed copy of Pagan: Ultima VIII; however, I am unsure who actually signed the box.

I am hoping that someone out there may be able to decipher the signature.

I have inserted two photos of the box to help out.

I hope someone can help!!



Checking the credits, I found no one with the initials L.B. or T.S. and a very short name (it's too short for Tobin Shelton). But maybe those credits are incomplete.
The front part looks like "Lord British aka" -- which means it's probably "Lord British aka Richard Garriott"... but it's hard to read the actual signature.
The Ultima VIII box's pentagram was a big issue for 'gamers' back then -- Origin ended up printing big silver stickers that stores could put over them pentagram on the cover (this is the CD-ROM-to-disk cover -- the regular game was a field of fire with a pentagram in the center).

Later versions removed the pentagram entirely, and are just a fire background.
Richard Garriott often signed things as Lord British. I would be able to recognize his signature, but those links aren't working for me.