Other Ships


So far I've only seen the drayman as another ship that you can purchase. I thought I read a forum where someone was able to purchase a demon. If this is possible where and how can I do this. And also, are the tachyon cannons available to for normal gun use because I've only seen them as rear turrets.
no turrets on the demon.
sorry for killing your illusions of a happy life in the back of a demon;-)
Eh, demon = centurion lite I think... so no turrets and (at least in the patch) no heavy guns on it. I personally like my Demons to run with 4 lasers and chock full of torpedos.
my current demon (milspec) setup :
4 heavy guns (3xplasma, 1xboosted steltek, all with autotracking)
1 tractor beam (with autotracking too :D)
IFF missiles

all engine addons, both armor and both hull addons, all repair options, ecm 3, medium reactor level 3 (i wish i could install a heavy one :/), and some stuff i already forgot ;)

wheeee, i love this baby :D
" 1 tractor beam (with autotracking too :D) "

Haha, you put autotracking on your tractor beam? Looks like someone has a bit too much money...

My Demon looks much like yours, except I have a 4th plasma gun in place of whatever the hell it is you have (campaign spoiler...blah).
I think auto is pretty much a requirement for a tractor beam... then again I fly a Drayman so... good luck aiming with that thing @_@;
Greetings All,

Hhmmm......auto-tracking on a tractor.....hmmmm....I have a loaded Demon and *way* (1.9mil) too much money too.....;>

I wonder, I assume that your tractor is on the light (1 heatseeker) slot? Dose that mean that you can put auto-tracking on the other torp launcher making it a semi-guided one? (g)


I will let you know what happens....;>

Oh, yeah, way too much money.....

Code-wise the torpedo launcher is a gun with limited ammo, so yes, you can autotrack it. It's not too worth it, but if you have money to throw away...
Thanks for the info, spiritplumber, like I said: *way* too much money...(g)

I tried it and, of course, you are right, the torp track a little bit if you catch them going away from you in a straight line, but not worth the $90k....oh, yeah, way too much and nothing eles to spend it on....(g).

BTW--How are the kitties? Doing well I hope!

Have fun,

At that age thier easy.....try doing a flea dip when they are over a year old, had to use heavy gloves with Boo Boo or I would have lost my hands.

Thanks for the update and what you are doing with your add-ons.

Um...does WCU data and code files replace your WCU thingy (13m) one?