New to wing commander 2 questions


Hi, I'm new to the entire wing commander genre and am enjoying this remake of the Privateer. I've played a little beyond the Troy system and am ready to make some big bucks so I can buy a different ship.

What are the prices for the Orion, Centurion and Galaxy? I can't seem to find them in the game or in the manual.

Also if I go to the screen where you can buy hardware and software, moving the cursor to the extreme right-lower corner brings up the option to go to the "old upgrade/repair computer" screen. Here prices are lower than in the previous screen (both for repair and new parts). Why would I then ever need to buy form the innitial sceen?

Once I had my radar damaged during combat, on the innitial screen I could just repair my armor, in this screen I could also repair the radar. (Turns out I flew without it for some time, and I wondered why I had trouble targetting my enemies.... :) )

I'm Playing version 1.03 on Windows XP.
Welcome. Off the top of my head, the prices of the ships are: Orion 75,000 Galaxy 150,000 Centurion 200,000. I'd recommend getting alot more money than the ships are worth, cause if you don't you'll have a great ship but no money to outfit it. You do get some money for trading in the equipment on your old ship, but not even half price if I remember correctly.
Thanks for the quick reply.

Now I have a goal to work towards....

You get less then half on your equipment, you were right. Do you get money for your old ship?
realistically you need more than the cost of the ship to fit it out, I like to have the ship cost + $100,000 so a centurion is really about $300,000
Some of the inconsistencies in Privateer Gemini Gold are caused by the VegaStrike game engine the remake is based on. The plan was to do a full conversion and have all the features of the original Privateer work in shiny new graphics, but in some cases work is not fully done. The ship dealer screens seem to be part of that - and the "old" screens option throws you into VegaStrike. It's not pretty, but you gotta live with it.

Since PGG follows the story and setting of the original Privateer, the game guide, ship database and maps on CIC's main page might help you to enjoy the game even more: (you're in Gemini sector)
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