New Snap Ship Toys Reminiscent of Wing Commander Fighters (August 1, 2020)


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Justin Flanery recently tipped us off about a new line of custom spaceship toys. PlayMonster's Snap Ships come in a variety of human and alien-styled designs, and the aesthetic could certainly be described as "Confed" or "Kilrathi. For example, the Scarab K.L.A.W. Interceptor gives off major Vaktoth/Darket vibes, and the Lance Scout partially resembles a Ferret. They even have a ship named the Sabre that would look quite a bit like a Wing Commander Sabre with just a few tweaks. These are customizable like Legos to an extent, so with so many space fighter-looking parts, there's some fun potential here. LOAF bought the Vaktoth and put it together below - it looks pretty snappy!

Justin: When trying to find some new toys for my son I found these awesome sets for sale on Amazon. They have an extremely “Wing Commander” sequence style to them and I think fans of Wing Commander could easily make some custom Kilrathi or Confed ships with their modular design.

I’ve always wanted some collectible ships and I think this could fit the bill for some.

LOAF: Is that... a Vaktoth?! A new series of modular spaceship building toys called Snap Ships lets you put together some pretty Wing Commander-y fighters! We picked up the “Scarab” for a closer look...

The box is full of tiny components and manuals! This is a bigger project that I expected.

It took no time at all to turn a pile of cubes into a deadly space fighter! It has a display stand, extra weapons you can swap out and even a tiny pilot in the cockpit! What a fun toy. We got the Vakto... Scarab for under $15 from Amazon. Stay tuned as we’ll check out the human Sabre when it arrives in a few days!

Justin just made this one... and it's a pretty close cousin to Privateer 2's Icarus.

Original update published on August 1, 2020


I picked up some of these over Christmas for the exact reason that they have a very Wing Commander aesthetic.
They even have a similar naming scheme, with all of the Forge (ie: Confed) ships being named after various melee weapons: Falx, Gladius, Sabre, Lance, etc.

They're a LOT of fun to play with, and having multiple sets means you can finally live your dream of building your own Confed or Kilrathi designs and zooming them around your living room.