New Metroid Game


Does anyone else find this game as boring as I do? I played it for an hour, and then fell asleep. Anyone gotten far in this game? I can't stay awake long enough to.
The only Metroid game I ever finished was the second one on the Gameboy. It's a wonder to me now that I actually played it all the way through. I believe that was back in 1991?
I've come close to beating Metroid (died at mother brain) and I have beaten every other Metroid game except the ones I don't own yet... which would be Metroid Prime 2 and Metroid Prime Hunters

Metroid 2 was the most linear game in the series but people don't realize how many things were introduced in that game... like save points, ducking, aiming downward, the different looking varia suit (in Metroid there was just a pallete change when you got the varia suit... Zero Mission came back and sort of played off of that though), the spazer and plasma beams, the space jump.

A lot of people think Super Metroid introduced those things. Nope!
Mother Brain isn't all that hard to beat, just keep pumping missiles through the glass. Getting out of the complex before it blows up is another thing. Oh, and you're a chick.
Metroid is by many considered a hard core gamers game, I don't want to debate if such a thing even exists, the point being made is either you play a game for the challenge, for puzzles and consequently testing of your problem solving abilities, or you don't. If you don't the absence of non player characters, or testing of your pinpoint accuracy will put you off.
Metroid Prime represented where gaming could have gone had video gaming still been aimed at exactly the same audience it was 15 years ago, I'm fairly sure Metroid Prime 2 will have done the same and I say bring it on! The more variety the better, Metroid Prime to me represented an art of video game design long since lost, I'm not saying it was replaced with inferior philosophies, just different ones and variety is the spice of life.
I used to be able to spank Mother Brain and company, but I never could take out one of those pesky rippers. Does anyone know if they have a weakness? Ripper?
Most rippers are invlunerable. Occasionally you'll run across ones that are red instead of gold, and the red ones can be taken out by a missile.
Metroid 2 was the most linear game in the series

I'd say Metroid Fusion was the most linear game in the series. Metroid 2 at least allowed a little exploration, Fusion was all mission after mission. I'm not to fond of Metroid 2 even though it was a major step in game design leading into Super Metroid (I find the controls sticky, the fact that if you run into a boss fight with no missles you're burnt, and the cut and paste backrounds to be confusing and way too easy to get lost because of), but Fusion was a fun follow up to Super Metroid with impressive graphics that I consider better than the newer game, Metroid Zero Mission.

It amazes me that this horrible of a game has lasted this long.

It's because millions of people don't share your opinion. Except in Japan where it's not as well received as it is in the West. (They say it's because of cultural differences, Japanese gamers like to be told what they have to do and feel uncomfortable in more free form situations. This is why Japanese RPG's are so linear compared to American RPG's.)

Metroid is perhaps my favorite video game series, even over Wing Commander, and it's one of the only reasons I own a console. I love the exploration and and the game's detatched feeling. Super Metroid and Metroid Prime are considered two of the greatest games of all time so there's an obvious reason why the series is still around and is basically nintendos flagship title (at least until the new more realistic Zelda game hits shelves.)

No, Metroid is not for everyone, not every gamer likes to have to explore and backtrack and figure out puzzles and scavenger hunt for their items, all at a much slower pace than other games, especially other first person games. But to many of us, Metroid and especially Super Metroid is like a fine wine that gets only better with age. The Metroid Prime games astonishingly capture the feel of the old games while giving us lush and beautiful environments to explore with incredible attention to detail and environmental effects. Metroid Prime is also one of the few 3D games in which the entire world was constructed so that every area is unique and no game constructing tile sets were used.

Anyone can hate the Metroid series all they want, but there's no denying that Metroid is a classic series that has made a huge impact on the video game industry.

Okay... I'm done ranting now... just can't stop myself when someone badmouths Metroid or Wing Commander.
The long-standing love of Metroid has mainly been attributed to its "sequence breaking" (recently coined term) friendliness.

In Metroid and Super Metroid it was mostly a bunch of flukes that allowed you to reach places before you were supposed to reach them, but Zero Mission really lends itself well to it... as if it was written with sequence breaking in mind.

On the other hand, Metroid Fusion and Metroid Prime tried to limit it as much as possible. has a lot of sequence breaking techniques for these games and all the others.
(They say it's because of cultural differences, Japanese gamers like to be told what they have to do and feel uncomfortable in more free form situations. This is why Japanese RPG's are so linear compared to American RPG's.)

I don't know... Wing Commander didn't sell well at all in Japan, whereas free-form Ultima games are *huge* there.
It was just a passing comment I heard in a few developer interviews, not something I firmly believe. Though simulation games always bomb in Japan if they're not starring a certain giant robot with V-shaped antennae.

A thought just occured to me, I was one of the people who had been crying for a new Metroid game since 1994 and I finally got to see a continuation of the series, and an explosion of new games from 2002 to the present. Well now I'm sitting here in the Wing Commander community waiting for the same thing. Goes to show you there's always hope. :)
Speaking of Metroid, it would be cool to see a showdown between Prince Thrakhath and Ridley.

Whose claws would prevail?? 😅
As far as Metroid is concerned, most people think the best Metroid game is Super Metroid on the SNES. That game is easily one of the best games Nintendo ever developed.