New hard drive = Wing Commander Marathon!

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I could just give you a damned monitor...

Ehh... there's a nice 21" flatscreen monitor on sale...

Going to pick it up tomorrow after work. Just set up the desk for the computer...
Wow LOAF. Thanks for the present. I mean, my birthday's coming up and all but I didn't think you'd notice :p
All the time. Then again, I work at a university and they buy them in bulk.
It'd have to be a pretty stupid university that fits its machines with $2,500 dollar monitors.

21" LCDs are really expensive and rare and stuff. And not good for WC, since they have a single resolution. I bought a 21" flatscreen CRT for WC Computer.
Fairfield University is known for it's overzealous spending and deep Jesuit pockets.

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how often do you guys usually do a run-through of the series? Like I said, I usually re-start every September/October. So how do you guys do it?

Ugg.. probably never. :( Unfortunately I don't really have all that much free time to do such things (though I really would like to). You are especially lucky to be able to ... frankly I set aside time to play Prophecy or to play WC3. That's all I really have time for...and not the whole games either...just a couple missions at a time...
Man, I'm getting distracted too much lately. I'm just now starting on Secret Ops. Stupid real life.