New fan-fic.

kyp durron

Anyone interested in compiling a WC fan-fic with me??

I Start it - then other folk can post their part of the story and so on.

:p :cool: :D :D
What kind

What Kind of Fan Fiction do yu have in mind?
There as so many fan fic people are trying to do and I would like to hear your story.
I have have two fan fiction which I am doing and currently getting much needed information.
Everyone here likes a good fanfic, and if your starting post sounds good I think that a lot of people will contribute.

But maybe you have looked around the forums a bit, so my next words might be not necessary at all: Many of the people here take the game universe pretty seriously and want to keep with its given timeline, technology and culture.

If you're starting a cooperative fanfic, that's quite some coordination task, because there is a pretty low endurance threshold for siliness around here. Things like genre crossovers, fantasy technology, or changing existing events / biographies will not be very well received.

My advice: Post an outline of your story, hand out character descriptions to your participants, and/or pull up some rules describing the amount of freedom you will accept.