Need help in WC IV playing


I got problem in playing WC IV Price of Freedom. It's one of the CD#5 mission.
After this mission ("Destroy Confed supply
line" or "Destroy underground complex") I
got message from Admiral Wilford about
special Confed transport. He ordered to
DISABLE this ship, but no DESTROY it.
I destroy two guard ship (Stealth Dragons)and
make transport full "red" on my scaner, but
it's not enave. What Wilford mean DISABLE?
And Dekker is passiv in this situation. PLEASE HELP WHAT MUST I DO !
Use leech missiles or leech guns to disable the transport. Press H to switch to special guns, and G to cycle through them until the Leech gun is selected. If your ship doesn't have a leech gun, load up on leech missiles from the loadout screen before taking off.
No, but since the discussion appears to be over, it doesn't really matter, does it?
'Sides, wrong-zone posts are so common that we're pretty much used to them by now.
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