need a help

Darkest Void

I've started writing a WC novell that takes place shortly after SO and i could use some help 'couse i aint that good in WC universe :(
-how long is (average) life of confed citizen?
-APC can't carry shildgen due to its mass/size or i'm wrong?
-will i interfere with WC storyline by puting a terran world (highly corrupted planet with sufficient pirate influence) in system of alpha corvus?
-how many there are naval academys on earth?
-was the Black Lance totally annigilated? (in my story the 8th BL squadron has survived and, not willing to accept confed victory, developed pirate tacics as a best way to survive and have their revange)

P.S And is there 3dmax->iff model converter to insert fan-made ships into prophecy? Just let me know