Myst parody for Mac (that is NOT Pyst)


Rear Admiral
Hey all,

I've been buying games through Steam's Summer Sale, including their nice little Cyan pack, which got me thinking back to a Myst parody that I played back in the day - it would've been released no later than 1998.

I feel like it was called "MYSTy", but the only stuff I can find on Myst parodies is Pyst and something called "Mylk" (I just looked into "Mylk" and it's not it). The main gameplay thing I remember about it is that in the little basin where a model ship was in Myst, there was a sunken model of the Enterprise. You collected floppy disks instead of book pages, and there was this really long hallway that you had to click ahead like 20 times to get to the end, but they screwed you if you decided to turn back by making you click 100,000 times (it said so in the game guide).

Hell, this may have never seen a retail release and just been passed around for shits and giggles, because I got it off some disc with demos for Marathon: Durandal and Escape Velocity. Still, any help would be appreciated.
Please tell me that you found it. I've had this in my memory like a fever dream and I was beginning to think it was in my head