my new site with lots of stuff

Hey nice site, it still doesnt have much stuff, but has been sometime since anyone release new WC stuff in the net...
About the starfury you put there, it would be nice to receive some credits for it ( at least for the one i sent you...),never got my name on anything on the net
You changed the mat?? Its way to dark to see it without 3d acceleration card anyway...and the flame engine is in the wrong position (take a look on the cone in the mesh txt file)
About the Frigate, you made that convertion?
I tryed to convert capships with the tree builder but didnt had luck...
Got any other capships?? Like the Victory, Intrepid or WC3 Kilrathi, i've been looking for those...
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sorry, killerwave, i didn't even think about credits, i don't have any for anyone on any of those yet, i'll go about correcting that right away. and the flames was an accident. i put four on there, meaning to place them in the correct position, but hadn't gotten around to it, forgot they were on there.

so far all of the ships i have on the site are based on ships already available, but i have changed them to go along with the game, different stats, weapon placement, and armorment. hope to get some original ones up soon. and actually, i was hoping to possibly get some help with that from some people who are better at model conversion than myself.

everything on the site is still incomplete and messy. but i plan on continuing work on it and trying to make it better
I can help converting the models, but i dont know about textures very well...

you know i cant use more than one yet...
Do you have WC4 for PC? If you do, you could extract them and help me converting them to SO with that tree builder?
It would even be good for your add-on...
I dont see much converted kilrathi capships, which seems you could use them too.
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Death's Head said:
The frigate and victory have been available for some time now.

Yes but the frigate didnt worked right, at least for me...and the victory is made like a fighter, so colision dont work right...
You need to use the tree builder, i have problems with it to, so snuzzleduck if you read my posts...maybe you can help us??

Death's Head you can help me, extracting WC3 ships?I dont have WC3
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I do have both wc3 and 4, and i'll work to get some of the files out of it.

killerwave, i'm working on a mesh right now that only needs one texture.

the Double Helix are a race that was breifly mentioned in the Victory Streak or something, don't really remember exactly where. not much was ever said about them except that we call them that because thats what they're ships were shaped like. in my version of them they are an aquatic race from space thats more towards the galactic core then confed space. i have more about them, that i plan on puttin' on the site once i have time.

and i don't think i have the victory on my website, do i?

the capship missile works like a really powerful torpedo, but you can also use it against frigates and corvettes and such.
snuzzleduck, i did not said you had the victory, i mean i get it somewhere else made like a fighter, and it dont works right...
Do you know to use the tree builder?
Death's Head: You're right... there isn't much in there

Snuzzleduck: I'm sorry to rain on your parade, but somebody has to, and I've nominated myself for this evil task. I'm going to tell you exactly what's wrong with the story you created. Then you have a choice - you can either ignore me by assuming that I'm just being nasty, or you can try to fix these problems and thus create a much better story.
Here goes...

"New Kilrathi empire" - there ain't no such thing, and Confed would never allow it to be created. The Kilrathi government currently recognised by the Confederation is the Assembly of Clans. This is probably comparable to our modern UN - ie., a totally powerless organisation bringing together the whole world, but being controlled by one or two of its members.

"It was there that the Nephilim found their first allies in the war." - Not a chance. The Nephilim have made it clear that they're here to burn, loot, destroy, and of course kill
. They do not need allies, and they do not want them. Remember, Confed was unaligned in the Nephilim-Kilrathi conflict. Had the bugs wanted an ally, they would have made some peaceful overtures towards Confed. They didn't, and ignored all Confed attempts at communication.

"The Children of Sivar" - Entirely possible, but keep in mind what I said above. Thus, you'd probably have a situation where the Children attempt to help the bugs in any way, and then get slaughtered for it. Also, keep in mind that the Kilrathi do not rebel against "oppression"; only against dishonour. The four Kilrathi planets in WC 2 rebelled not because they didn't want to be ruled by the higher class, but simply because Prince Thrakhath had acted dishonourably.

"With their access to our space still limited, they have allied with the lower clans of the Kilrathi, exchanging advanced technology for the troops and manpower they need to continue their war" - No way. They've clearly proven that manpower is something they have in plentiful supply. In fact, following their lost battle against Confed, the bugs would more likely use less numerous, but more powerful craft. And if the Nephilem cannot stop Confed from taking out wormholes, then the Kilrathi lowborns can't either.

"The Great Council" - The what?

"As such, the military has been in a constant state of buildup." - [Dying bug voice] Impossible!! [/Dying bug voice]. We already saw in the SO fiction that the civilian population of Confed was very much interested in cutting down the military. And the whole point of the Midway-class was to reduce costs, not to strengthen the military.

"Firrekan Republic" - Ah, I guess you mean the Firekkan Planetary Alliance. It's not a republic btw. Republics have presidents and democracy. The Firekkans have a very rigid social structure (possibly more so than the Kilrathi), where leaders are born into the position. There is no democracy. They are also very much isolationist. I know you just want to bring in a new faction, and I can't blame you
. But the only way the Firekkans can appear is as individual people (there was a Firekkan serving in the Confed military, and there was a freighter operated by the Firekkans, but not much else). Certainly not as an organised military - even if they were directly threatened, they do not have the technical know-how and resources to build a fleet of spacecraft. They fight planetside.

"Double Helix" - We don't even know where the Double Helix live; they're not shown on the WCP map. Since they obviously had no contact with the Kilrathi, they would have to be somewhere beyond Argent, Hawking, or Avalon sectors. Either way, they communicate using phermones, and as such, inter-species relations are very difficult for them. One or two Confed scientists died while trying to establish contact, because the DH accidentally fried their brains
. BTW, the DH don't even understand our concept of "history" - do you really think they would understand "alliance" then?

"The Eighth Kilrathi Dynasty" - And like I said above, Confed would never allow this. Even the "doves" in the Senate would "ask" Confed military to "take care of" such a dynasty in the making. Perhaps you should find out a bit about what happened to the Japanese Empire as a result of the surrender agreement.

Right, that's all. Now then, if you decide not to ignore me, but rather to try to fix these, I'm quite willing to help out - to a degree, of course, since I've got plenty of other work right now.
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Quarto, it can change on an hourly basis, you will find some new things there.

Thanks for the feed back, any suggestions are always welcome!

Killer Wave, go to my page listed in my profile, then go to my BB. We can talk about this in detail there. I am there about ten times as much as I am here.

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thanks, i'm actually looking for people that know more about the WC universe than i do to help correct me on stuff like that.

as for the bugs not wanting allies,
i hadn't really made it clear yet, but as you go through the game it was going to become evident that the bugs were using the lower clans, without any plans of actually co-existing with them once they got what they needed.

as for confed not building up:
that de-militariazation was the attitude of the people after the war with the kilrathi, when there was no threat. once the nephilim came into confed space and made it quite clear that they definately planned on threatening us, i'm sure the attitude changed.

as for the firrekans:
the after the confederation saved them from being conquered by the kilrathi, the tide began to shift towards the cats in the war. as such, i figured perhaps the firrekans worked with confed scientists in creating their own ships. confed really didn't have recources to spare, and no qualms about exploiting the firrekans a little. and the firrekan ships that i was working on are significantly less advanced then any other factions. but for the most part, you're right about me just wanting to put in some new factions

and the lower clans rebelled because they saw the nobel clans dishonored by their defeat in the war with confed, and see joining the Star Gods as the only way of regaining their honor and gaining entrence to kilrathi heaven
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The other thing about alliances with the bugs is that nobody really wants to make an alliance with somebody who's here to destroy the world. Still, the Children being misguided religious fanatics...

We saw in the SO fiction that the Nephilem conflict hasn't changed much when it comes to views about demilitarisation. While we do not know anything about what happens after SO, I don't think we can realistically expect Confed military to get more funds. Rather, it will be argued that they dealt with the present threat quite well, and they don't need any more money. Remember, politicians are not logical - even in the face of the greatest threats, they'll still want to take money away from the military so they can give it to their own people, and thus get re-elected. They don't really mind that there might not be anyone to re-elect them

The Firekkans (note the spelling, btw; two k's, not two r's) withdrew from the Confederation. They were quite isolationist, and hardly ever leave their system. And since the Kilrathi were generally trying to get to Earth, the Firekkans were actually quite safe (except for Kilrathi raiders, of course) in their little corner. So, Confed wouldn't give them a single Credit
. Look, it would be easiest to bring them in as five or six individual characters and forget the rest. Remember, the Firekkans are renowned for their piloting skill, not for their technical skills. So, just give this little group a few WC1/2 era fighters (say that the BW sold them to them), and an ancient freighter-turned-carrier of some sort; could be even a modified Drayman if you can get somebody to do that. Thus, basically you'd have a group of Firekkan mercenaries.

The lower clans, like in any other society, would have suffered the most in the war, and wouldn't have gained anything through victory. Thus, they might view the defeat altogether differently. However, there certainly are a lot of clan wars taking place right now (in 2681, that is), so they would be another faction (but not with the Nephilim). Note that we're not talking about a lower class, but merely a less noble clan. The distinction between class and clan is very important if you want to do anything with the Kilrathi society.
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kwave your url don't work you forgot a /
plus I think you need an http://

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