My first WC story


This story is no where near finished, and I have taken my own artistic license with the WC universe (No pilgrims, I have changed some things around with the ships) so please do not become upset with it, I wanted to see what people thought of it
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Besides, after WC 4.12606 or whatever it was, we should be steeled for shocks.
Pah, I could take WC4.123106 because it was meant to be funny. I don't like the artistic license used in WC fanfic which try to be serious.
Of course there should be some regard for certain events and characters, but I think fanfic, if it is of a reasonable quality, can only add to the WC experience!
Yes, the problem for me is that it will never be official. But there are plenty of good fan fic and every fan has the possibility to outlive his fantasies and create "his" WC universe (I, for myself, turned the whole universe, so that the Kilrathi would have won the war ;) ).
That's the snag, isn't it? That might be good for you, but fanfic like that would be poison to others.
You are right Wedge, not everybody could appreciate the greatness of this alternative timeline... ;)

NO, really you are right, fanfics have mostly the universe which the fan ,who wrote it, wants it to have.
The Kilrathi won the war?


Do I take that to mean that there is no more Confederation, and probably no Border Worlds?

Plus, the Bugs would have kicked the Kilrathi's arses from Kilrah to Sol and back again.

The Cats have worse technology, but more numbers. But the Bugs have more numbers than the Cats.
Ahhh but the prophecy would not have been fulfilled...the bugs 'shouldn't' have come back if they won against the Humans.

The prophecy comes into effect if the Kilrathi lose.

Assuming the Prophecy and the Nephilim are related...
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You are right Wedge, not everybody could appreciate the greatness of this alternative timeline... ;)

NO, really you are right, fanfics have mostly the universe which the fan ,who wrote it, wants it to have.
Thats what makes fanfic so great. You can kill off whoever you want!
No, the Confederation and the Border Worlds are not destroyed. In MY WC universe the Kilrathi realized that they had not the ressources to conquer all Confed worlds, so they just annexed some Sytems and established some military bases in every sector, plus they put Confed under huge restrictions concerning the development and production of military goods. Also the Kilrathi wanted the humans as allies against other more terrible enemies (Mantu or other).
Still, the bugs appeared but they were driven back. (Remember the bugs would come anyway, even in Tr'thrak, when the glorious final battle would be fought).
Plus, I made the Kilrathi some ships/ upgraded the old to match the Terran ones (I also upgraded the Nephilim ships).

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Hm, being a slave of the Kilrathi???
Not the thing I'd really enjoy, sorry Mekt! I think it is better the way the story really is...but if you like it..why not. Everybody his own story:)
Yes, my version is not for everybody. And the Kilrathi took no human as slaves after the peace (they really had enough slaves) :)
After the peace. Don't mix! The peace, there they were partners. In your version the Kilrathi are standing above us, because they won more or less the war. So we are what? Slaves....
No, allies. The Kilrathi knew that other dangers await them and they wanted the Confederation, with its vast potential, to be its ally. Of course, the Confederation could not do (theoratically, at least) sth without the Kilrathi's approval, still they are not slaves. The human core worlds and the back sectors of the Confederation remain rather untouched.
Sorry, but that's utopic compred with the story we know. Thrakath wanted to kill most human beings and the Kilrathi andaccepting humans without being defeated by them, that is something they won't do. So I don't believe in a peaceful coexistence if the Kilrathi had the chance to win the war...they would have gone to earth and back (symbolic expression) by destroying everything human they saw,or?
But again, it's your story....everybody has it's own.
Actually, what Mekt-Hakkikt is trying to reason is, What If the Kilrathi considered Terrans as their allies and not as an enemy lower or higher than them. And the Terrans, overcoming prejudice and the sort accepted the Kilrathi as a fellow sentient being.