Morningstar Center Stage in Explosive Wallpaper (November 27, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
Mac has another exciting scene for everyone today. This time it features the cutting edge Morningstar fighter. It's inspired by a famous Raptor: Call of the Shadows ad from 1994, which Scott Miller coincidentally just reposted. The ship looks absolutely gorgeous, and the bits of destroyed Dralthi and a wonderful touch! I think this one would look especially great printed out and hung on your wall.

Alright, who remembers #Raptorcalloftheshadows ? Ok, take that and make it about a Morningstar in the #Wingcommander universe.

Raptor was a BIG hit for Apogee in 1994, a vertical scrolling VGA space shooter/shmup. Superb game music too. We have a remaster in the works by the original dev, Scott Host. And tomorrow I'll post the actual keyart/painting that's in my office. Here's a magazine ad.

Original update published on November 27, 2022