..more REALLY old stuff..

Do you guys realize what is on this cd? What looks to be most of the original 3d models for WC2! I was even able to look at, in full 3d glory, the WC2 briefing room, bridge, hangar,
95 % of which have textures!!! And of course plenty of ships

I believe we've had the meshes directory in the past. All the same files and possibly a few more we're released a (year?) ago (something like 'WC3D'). But yes they are pretty cool.
This is SOOOOOO SWEEEEAT! There is a LOT of good stuff in here. Like Wedge I'll be up dating my SO ICIS manual and the SO Strategy Guide. And some of my DVD cover when I can.

You don't unzip an iso image, you mount it on loopback mount -o loop file.iso /mount/wherever on any unix/linux/mac system, or you use daemon tools to mount it on windows.You can also burn them to cds/dvds but that's wasteful if you just want to get a few files out.
heh Finally some high res images of wing commander ships. It's a pain getting backgrounds for a 2560x1600 monitor.