More MIYOO Mini Wing Commander in Action (November 29, 2022)


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AD found some new examples of the MIYOO-Mini V2 in action playing Wing Commander games. The first clip is PSX WC3 (23:25) and then SNES SM1 (21:23). We've shown off screenshots before, but here are live videos of the games in motion. Neither of the clips below is especially long, but it's just super satisfying to watch these in motion on such a small and different piece of hardware. I love hearing the WC3 missile lock tone in this context. It's so very cool to see (and hear)!

Original update published on November 29, 2022
That's pretty neat although I can't imagine it being very satisfying to play. Has anyone tried running the original games on a Steam Deck or Ayaneo?
I can say that they work great on the Deck. It has enough power to play and emulate every wc game and mod out there. I ended up installing windows on mine and it plays Rebel Galaxy Outlaw with no issues. Especially with the new steam beta that brings the new big picture mode to windows. The issue is that the Deck is just too big in a lot of ways. But if you're okay with that and having an extra battery on hand then the Deck is great. I wouldn't waste money on Ayaneo's devices honestly. What you get for the markup isn't worth it. Now that you can get 2tb 2230 ssds for the Deck for about $250, there's just no reason not to go with it if you don't want a laptop and are willing to spend $400. If you want the best device for running wing commander portably I'd still recommend the gpd win 2 if you can pick one up for about $300US. I definitely wouldn't spend any more than that on it though. The only other x86 portables I'd recommend right now are some of the cheaper ayn loki models.

But all of these things are in an entirely different class of device as the miyoo mini. You really can't beat the price and form factor. The issue is that you just can't find them sub $60 just about anywhere unless you really look anymore. I thought they were out of production but last I heard they just can't keep them in stock on the ali express official store anymore. And the other sellers on Ali Express? Keep in mind you're likely buying from China. Vet your seller well and prepare to wait a while for shipping. Standard don't be ignorant on the internet shtick. It took a month for my 2tb 2230 to come in. I'd recommend the RG353 (M or V not the VS) or the Retroid pocket 2+ in the meantime. The pocket 2+ (or 3+) can run android as well. You can get the 2+ for just under $100 and it's a much better device than the mini but it's almost twice the size so you're paying with pocket space. There's a reason the mini is so popular. I'd probably pick up an a pocket 2+ myself. You can pick them up direct from retroid's website for around $115 shipped.

Edit: Maybe skip out on the Ayn Loki lite pro and other lite models. They are shipping the Odin, which you can install windows to if you want, but it's an arm based console and doesn't emulate 64 bit x86 well as a result. Most of their offerings are still on pre-orders and they've had numerous issues shipping stuff out. Not to mention China's current state, which isn't good.
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