Models from Wing Commander Movie?


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I've been crawling around looking for some decent 3d models of craft from the Wing Commander movie (and risking lynching from most of the community I imagine!).

Anyone know a source? I'm familiar with a verson of the Rapier in Standoff, but I'm thinking a little more detailed than that...

If I can't find any already done to a decent standard I guess I will have to churn them out myself!
The standoff guys also have a version of the Diligent, but other than that I don't know that anyone has spent a lot of time trying to model the movie ships. It would be a good project for someone.
I really liked the design direction the movie took, refreshing retro feel to the whole thing. Well, I guess I get onto my own models then! Will have to break out my DVD screen capture tools...
As much as I'd like to help you, I'm not sure the stuff you're looking for exists; if you find the Standoff models too low-resolution, there's probably not much better you can go. Most of the models produced for the entire series are around that quality; the 10,000+ poly models are very, very rare.

If you want someone for the supercruisers, though, I can probably help you out a bit. There's very little good material for the bottom and rear, but this making-of-video for the movie intro shows a good fore view:

(The actual finished movie intro has a similar shot as well, though I believe it's a different one.)

As for the aft section, it's hard to determine, but it's important because the fighter bay is located there. If you zoom in during the panorama at Pegasus in the beginning, it looks like it opens up directly aft (like on the Victory and Lexington, except there's no forward opening to fly through - I think Standoff portrays escort carriers the same way, but in that case I believe that was a result of technical limitations). Directly above the hangar entrance-exit is where the third engine port of the ship looks to be located.

That's about all I can give. I made a model of this once, but it's pretty messy and the forward ventral section is all guesswork.

Oh, and there's also this: . Good look at how the ships evolved, even though very few of them remained that way.
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There's some excellent reference material there - even if some of the concept art didn't evolve the way it was designed to (looks like a bit of Feng Zhu's work).

Thanks for tracking this down - I'm still trawling for info/pics but at least I have enough now to start, cheers!
Well aside from the Confed Handbook (and possibly the Starlog collector's issue) I don't think there's a lot else out there. A couple of people have done Rapier and capital ship models (physical, not CGI - check the news archives) but they were working from the same sources as everyone else.
Well Mahak I guess you could always make different ones up with the older design feel of the movie. Use a cheap program like milkshape to do the model.
Don't know about the format, but...

Hi all. I know I don't pass by here much, but I may be able to help.

Last year I got bored with modelling 'real' aircraft for MS Flight simulator, so I started to think into using my design software, via conversion software and such, to build other craft.

Went via Battlestar Galactica Cylon Raiders, Vipers, etc... then settled on my next project(s). My aim was to create a whole universe of craft based on the movie's 'recycled aircraft' look, so I built the movie Rapier, a non-canon Hornet (in the style of the movie. Borrowed paerts of a Harrier), and started a Kilrathi Snekeir. These are the work in progress shots:


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Never really got that far before I lost my old computer. It's not far off though. Just need to confirm the locations of the undercarriage and build the cockpit then we are away.
start with a lightning

F.Y.I. the full size ships in the movie were built from old english electric lightnings, you can see this from the bulk of the ship, from just before the cockpit, the cockpit itself and just before the engines, hope this helps with the model