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Hi everybody, I've placed some of my WC 3d models on for download, and they may be hosted on as well. Enjoy!

You will need a login, or you can wait for to host them.


The models are in 3ds Max 9 format.

More coming, as I convert and upload them, stand by to stand by.

Feel free to use these in whatever project you want, as long as you credit me:

Adam "Klavs81" Burch.

Cheers and Check Six!


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Great contribution! Thanks a lot!

Just one question - would it be possible to also include a 3DS version of the models for all the none-MAX9 users out there (including me) to make it easier to import the models to different modelling software?
I concurr with the making them .3ds or .obj format most of us poor people can't do the 3dsmax :( I would love to use that Rapier model for the WCCD Mod and use the textures that I have for the WCCD Rapier that thing looks awesome

I absolutely love these models

The Concordia is amazing

I love the Rapier and the Sabre look great

Not a big fan of the Ferret though, I always died quickly flying them :-)

Awesome Work
I hope everybody enjoys these, the energy and creativity of the WC Fan community is really inspiring when it gets even a little something to play with, so enjoy.

You can probably still look forward to seeing some of these ships up close (scarily close, and 2200 KM long, for some of them...) In WCSAGA, those guys are absolutely working their butts off to bring the WC community an amazing story and game, you will NOT be disappointed.

They're probably a little miffed at me for releasing these, but I'm just so proud of the models, I couldn't keep them in anymore, I like to share, and I love to see what other people can do with them.

These will be the last for a while, so enjoy them, and I want to see what you guys do with them! Post your stuff!

I just wanted to drop in and apologize for not having these in the news sooner -- we actually have a bit of a backlog right now and we're catching up on anything. These models do deserve to have their name in lights, though!