[MOD] Wing Commander - Alliance - SOASE Rebellion 1.85


Master Chief Petty Officer
This is the Kilrathi Capital Shipyard. You will note how now one of the Dreadnoughts is not builded in the Capital Shipyard and there is another Shivier, it will be the Siege variant. I have made the two super dreadnoughts as Titans because it reduces the advantage from the Kilrathi. Of course you can not build two of them, just one.




This huge thing is the Titan Shipyard from the Kilrathi, it needs be bigger because it has the bigger Dreadnoughts. I made it into a big Asteroid.







Master Chief Petty Officer
Today I have two stations more from the Kilrathi. The Civilian Research Station and the Military Research Station. Both are designs made by me. Very easy and simple, just following the style from the Kilrathi starships. By the moment, at least at my opinion, the Kilrathi structures are not giving me any headache, in fact, probably they are easy because I must not make them following any design previously made by anybody which it can have some troubles when you try to create it at a 3D model.






Master Chief Petty Officer
This old model and design from the Wing Commander IV will be the Trade Port from the Kilrathi. The next station will be the Refinery, my best option for this will be a asteroid with some additions. There was a station from WC3, a mix from asteroid and starbase but I want use it as the Kilrathi Starbase because it had a perfect addition for it. It had engines and the starbase from Kilrathi casually will have movement.

Other model from Wing Commander Prophecy should be part from the Kilrathi space structures in the mod. I am thinking where I will use it. I have not hurry but very probably I will finish the stations this week or the other. Next very probably I will add some special models for the Pirates and other additional factions. There will be a faction from the Union of Border Worlds and I can add the Black Lance as other faction. These two would use a lot from Confederation. Probably I would use more Privateer 2 stuff for the Pirates and these other factions.

There are other additional faction in the game and I was thinking in the Pilgrims. They are factions of stuffing anyway. All them sharing stuff from the Confederation with few changes.




Master Chief Petty Officer
This is my desing for the Kilrathi Refinery. One simple and not very complex mix between a asteroid and a factory starbase. Do you find it too ugly? well, it is not a pleasure cruiser and taking a look around other things as their home planet, the Kilrathi are very similar to the Klingons from Star Strek universe because they over populated their home world and they did not wasted too many resources at to create beautiful factories.





Rear Admiral
<snip /> the Kilrathi are very similar to the Klingons from Star Strek universe because they over populated their home world and they did not wasted too many resources at to create beautiful factories. <snip />

tlhIngan QIlranganbe'. Kilrathi'hav klingon'hra. But the point is taken anyway - and I'm enjoying the Kilrathi base designs so far.


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After discover the assest viewer from wcnews and to watch part of the WC3 video, I discovered this transport. I made one by myself and I added it as the Trade transport from the Kilrathi.

There is other transport from Kilrathi which I must make, the Sha'Kar, I want it for the Refinery Transport. Sooner or later, it will be added.






Master Chief Petty Officer
I will use it as the trade transport and without name. Trade transports have not names.

At the end, WC saga added it as hypothetical denomination. The ship was from WC3 game and I did not see nothing telling what was it really more far than a transport.

I saw more curious things in the WC3 video. Very useful.


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This week and probably most of the month, I will be centered at my Star Wars Empire at War Forces of Corruption mod and by this reason, I will not show too additions to this other mod. However, you can see how I am not a guy who he has abandoned a proyect or forgotten it temporaly. I continue working at it, slowly but adding new stuff.

Today I have made the Kilrathi defense turret, it will be the small defense station with two versions, one with only lasers and one with the missiles addition.

This small stations will be used with other structures as I have made with the Confederation because some others have weapon upgrades and these upgrades can be the addition from this space turrets.







Master Chief Petty Officer
At the end, because I can not finish my FOC mod at time for Xmas and it will take me more time. I have returned to the work with the Wing Commander mod. Other big point it was how I was starting to forget how edit the game and it could not be fun when I would return to edit SOASE.

Finally I added the Defense Station. A small and simple station armed with lasers. It has a upgraded version with missiles, very similar at concept to the Confederation station.







This is the version from the station armed with additional missile launchers. You can compare the size with other units, not too big, not too small. Enough for some like this.

These stations are important because I will add them as part of the defenses from the Starbase, the special space structure from the game, and it was not the unique additional station with these additional defenses. Kilrathi will be very similar at concept to the Confederation. Stations and weapons can be different but the role from things is similar.





Master Chief Petty Officer
Another new Kilrathi station. The Hangar. It is similar at concept to the Hangar from the Confederation, a small Satellite with the hangar addition.




This is the Hangar Station upgraded. The upgrade adds 4 additional Defense Stations. Have fun.




Master Chief Petty Officer
Hi all. If you know, I am not out of the proyect. Just I am researching a bit about somethings from the game. However, my main proyect with this mod is finished at 90%. But there is not hurry.;)


This looks amazing, the question is when do you think it will go to alpha or beta? Your time and patience with this really is appreciated.


Master Chief Petty Officer
I will release a alpha when I finish 3 factions. But I do not go to release anything unfinished.

At the end, I am not speaking from a year, perhaps two or three months. No more.


Master Chief Petty Officer
Some news here. I do not go to publish images by the moment but I have finished all the space structures from Kilrathi with exception from the Starbase. I suppose how I will add the Starbase one day, soon. When I have all them with icons, I will add some screenshots. As always I am a fan from work in secret.;)


Master Chief Petty Officer
Lately I have been finishing the last space stations from the Kilrathi. It is the most difficult part from the mod because there were very few stations from the Kilrathi, most of the stuff showed at my mod is new, made from scratch, following my own thoughts. This is the Weapon Jammer.


Kilrathi Phase Gate. The Kilrathi are the replacement for the Vasari, by this reason, they have a gate station which it lets jump to the units to other planets with this type of gates.



Master Chief Petty Officer
I have finished all the space structures from the Kilrathi. For the Starbase, I have used the model seen in the Wing Commander Prophecy. I liked more instead from the other option, the asteroid base from Wing Commander, one with engine thrusters. Perhaps I will use it for other thing.

Now I can continue customizing everything in the Wing Commander universe with different planet names, space units names, pictures, sounds and more.

Or I can continue adding some new units for Pirates and other factions. I had in my mind some models from Privateer 2, the Union of Border Worlds and the Black Lance.

Of course improve somethings is in my mind, I must improve the Durango by example, it was one of my first models and easily it can be made better.

Well, anyways, it will take more time, but not too more, now the work will be faster.

You can easily help me with pictures, planet and ship names, at least links would help me. I have not too many original sources.



Master Chief Petty Officer
Do you remember these units from Privatter 2? they were pirate ships. I am converting them for the mod. They are old but they can be converted easily and the shader quality from Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion will make them better in game.

These images were made with a non-SOASE models viewer and they do not look as in the game but it will be enough by the moment.

I showed before another of these Pirate units, I have added today a in game screenshot from this other unit converted before.