Missing: Replacing launchers, Tractor beam on rear turret, going through the missions listing


I miss some options that existed in the original game:
I can not replace the torpedo launchers/missile launchers. I get error message "launchers cannot be sold" wtf?Is there a savegame edit workaround?
On a related not - when having 2 launchers full, only one will shoot in-flight.

I used to have my tractor beam mounted on the centurion's rear turret. Now I can't put ANYTHING on the rear turret! Is there a save game edit workaround?

Is there a way to scroll through the missions listing ("o")?

One last thing - I added a systems key to a map I found, by Phill Yellot. Here's a link:
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/21981683/Privateer Map.png