Medal Points

I'll post em up tonight if no-one has before, they're in mark minasi's "secrets of the wing commander universe" but originally taken from some guys FAQ from about 1991. The other thing you'll need is how many points are needed to get the medal in any given level (that info is definitely in the SM1.5 missions pages of the wiki, not sure about the normal missions).
ok: so the medal points are:
salthi 7
dralthi/krant 10
gratha/jalthi/hhriss 15
dorkir 15
ralari 25
fralthi 50
snakeir 70
star post 75
confederation ship (ie wingman) -1
friendly ship saved (ie protect the drayman) 25

in addition, the lumbari in sm2 is also worth 15 (as it is essentially a dorkir).

This information is apparently from "David Raley's Mission.wc" which google finds no hits for.

If anyone has a copy of that, or other similar documents, then i would certainly like to get hold of a copy and I'm sure the CIC would.
EDIT - Ignore that, last line, I have a copy by a different name in my archives!