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Hey all,

Simple request this morning: does anybody out there have lists of taunts used by the Kilrathi? I have the WC3 shooting script so I've got those covered, but I'm lacking the ones from the other games. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I have extracted and converted the taunts from WC2, Privateer and Armada. I'm willing to share them with you. :)

That would be much appreciated, thanks.

So that leaves WC1, Academy (assuming they're different from WC2, which I doubt) and WC4.
The only one I remember from WC1 was "You fight like a stillborn kitten."
Might see if I can get the help of the Workshop guys on this one.


You fly like the ape that you are!

I will tear out your heart and spit it out!

The Confed ape DARES to attack?!


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For reasons of tidiness, I'll re-post my answer from the other thread here

All comm messages are in the .exe file of WC1.

Die furball!
Slag off!
Bite it cat face.

SM2.EXE holds the following taunts:
Here, kitty kitty!
Get fixed, furball!
Eat this, cat face!

I did not find "You fight like a stillborn kitten".
Maybe that's from WC2?


For reasons of tidiness, I'll re-post my answer from the other thread here
Capi is actually asking for what the cats say to you.

I'm a little tired after reading this but I'll load up WC1 in the AM invincible and just spam chatter. Shouldn't be hard to pick out at least the activated taunts (assuming there aren't others buried in the files).

Unless someone beats me to it.;)


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SWC had quite a few different and unique ones, especially from the aces.

Lovely things like 'I will see your blood boil', 'Crawling worm! I am your better!', 'I tire of your pathetic race!', 'Alien scum!', 'Human, your life is at an end' and my personal favorite, 'What fun to watch Terrans implode in spaaaaaaaaaaace' which doesn't make any sense but is terribly threatening.


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From Wing Commander 1 there is:
You fight like a stillborn kitten
Is this the best the apes can offer?
I shall feast upon your offspring

Not sure if there are more for the aces.

From Wing Commander 2:
No humans will survive
We shall destroy terra
Time to die human
I will feast on your entrails
You cannot defeat the drakhi
I will kill you
I will clean my claws on your corpse

That's all I got from playing the first few missions, so could be more.

You will not survive this fight
I will toy with my prey
Do not make this too easy for me ape
I will kill you ape
Kill him quickly
Death to all humans
I will clean my claw on your corpse
I will feast on your entrails
Now you will die
I will lick your blood from my claws
I will kills you human
Do you fear death human?
You are skilled for a human
Not much of a challenge are you

I got as far as mission 11 in the Gauntlet, so take this how you will.
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Minor correction.
Naw, it's "I shall eat your heart and spit it out, Terran!!". You know, the one that only makes sense if you either change "eat" to "taste" or "spit" to "shit".

Thank y'all for your help; that should definitely be enough for me to get started...
Take a guess what I'm planning to use these for.

And yes, I intend to do a translation of one that involves a waskally wabbit...almost there already, actually - have to figure out a translation for "Bugs", but that's it.