Lone Bhantkara carrier

gevatter Lars

Vice Admiral
Working on the Bhantkara model for the Wing Commander Saga Mod I more or less excidential created this image.
It was an interesting angle and I added a light and a random background I have found on the web and their it was. Added some effects and it was done.

Reminds me of the WC3 losing path when a carrier along with several cruisers is seen above what is left of Washington DC.

Very beautiful though, great work.
Yeah, this would look good on a frame. It would be interest to see the effect it has on people without the context of WC.
haha, needs a caption like "Final Flight of the Karga"

Heh. Change the background to space and add a brown dwarf (I think? I forget what kind of star it was with the radiation) and I think you've got it. Add a few blast marks as well. There is a reason Karga was floating dead in space after all.:D
While I won't have the time to do the Karga changes I have done some higher res rederings...now I just need to find some time to add the effects and upload them.
It would be an interesting side project if you ever have the time. It would be fairly easy to reproduce the damage, just have to reread FC a little closer. :)

Thanks for the higher res images too!
The Karga was fairly crippled, it would probably take quite a bit of work from a 3D modelling perspective to get it right.