LOAF on Sol: Exodus (January 25, 2012)

Thanks for posting this info LOAF - definitely going to grab a copy. The last non WC spacesim I tried was Starshatter TGS, so it's been a while...
Any word on how Sol: Exodus is doing? I was very discouraged to see nasty reviews from a bunch of old guard publications (IGN, Game Informer.) We need to get over this 'every game needs to act like a fifty million dollar AAA title' mentality (remember how much that hurt Wing Arena!)

I haven't seen any sales figures and the devs aren't commenting on them. It's pretty cool though how much their interacting with users over at their Steam forum. Also the game has received several gameplay tweaks and balancing and they're constantly updating it (yay steam) so some of those reviews don't even reflect the game as it is now.