Let's compare GBAs...


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Everyone should post a photo of their Gameboy and tell a story about it, because AHCZ is dead, and I hate that.

There it is, one of my favorite material possessions.

I originally had a Glacier (white) GBA, which my mother gave to me when I graduated from high school in 2001, and I love it very much, but it's difficult to see the games on screen, so when the SP came out, I bought a Platinum one.

I took excellent care of the Platinum SP and always put it someplace safe, but one day I loaned it to a friend of mine and it came back scratched up and with some of the platinum exterior buffed off the corners to reveal normal beige plastic beneath. I gave this SP to my brother, who really wanted a Gameboy and enjoys it a lot, but never wanted to pay for one.

To replace the Platinum, I bought this Lime GBA SP on eBay. It's from a limited run of SPs that Target sold around Thanksgiving. They were all bought within a day or two, I think.

To get a Lime GBA in Japan, you need to buy lots of Nintendo merchandise and collect points, sort of like Mountain Dew points, and then trade your merch points for a Lime GBA shell. You mail your GBA to Nintendo and they put its guts in a Lime housing and send it back. In the United States, we were able to buy them at retail outlets, but they're not in unlimited production.

This Lime GBA isn't really rare, but it is a special edition, and I think it's awesome.

I was going to buy an NES SP, but I had to spend the money on something else. In the future, though, I want to have one of every kind of GBA SP released in the major markets. I'll probably never have them all, but it's a fun thing to imagine, my own personal GBA museum.


Frosty said:
Everyone should post a photo of their Gameboy and tell a story about it

I can't take a picture right now, but I'll tell a story.

Tye's GBA SP hit the ground running as gunfire erupted from the fire escape. A few muffled thuds echoed in the alley behind him: two of the thugs had jumped down to follow. The roar of the semi-automatics above ceased for a moment, but the little SP was already to the street. He ducked between two taxis, narrowly avoided being flattened by an SUV that had never been off road in it's life, and managed to get to the other side of the street. The thugs had been held up by a tractor trailer. SP took the moment of peace to blend in with the crowd and vanish.

SP had known all along that the deal would go bad. He'd woken up that morning with that tingling in his hinge, the feeling that something wasn't quite right. It was the same feeling he'd had the morning that his older brother, GBA, had been gunned down by police in that raid. The same feeling he'd had when his now-ex-wife, Game Gear, had left him a few years before. But this instance was probably worse than each of those others: if the Columbians didn't get their money, it'd be SP's ass on the fast track to melty-in-the-microwave city.

He caught the subway and rode it to 42nd street, a couple of blocks away from his crappy apartment. The tactic paid off: he managed to spot a couple of Columbian thugs waiting around the entrance to his normal subway stop. Instead, SP ducked into a dive of a bar nearby, grabbed a beer, and slipped into a corner booth. He didn't see the little Gamecube coming up beside him though. It slapped SP upside the head and dragged him out of the booth and onto the floor.

"Columbians want you pretty bad, my friend. They're willing to pay primo for your monitor on a pike. I think maybe I could use that money, maybe get myself a nice screen like yours, eh?" The 'cube slapped SP again, drawing blood this time.

"Fuck you," SP managed. "Suck my fucking select button."

"Tough words coming from a condemned little pile of shit like you. Your time is almost up here. I'm supposed to take you to go see the big boss man, PSP, and then your ass is grass." The 'cube didn't see the giant shadow behind him. A shotgun blast sent most of the other patrons running, and 'cube collapsed to the floor.

XBox reached out a massive hand to SP. "I told you not to fuck with the Columbians, man. You're too small time to work with them. DS and I can't keep protecting you like this. But lets head back to my place and get you patched up."