Lego Dragon Ready to Frame the Border Worlds (June 13, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
John Nelson has been hinting at this Lego model for a while, and he’s finally ready to reveal his Dragon fighter from Wing Commander 4. In order to contrast the primary airframe with some of the detailed elements, he’s colored the main hull black. There’s an imposing red cockpit canopy and a variety of dark gray highlights. It can be a challenge to perfectly mimic the in-game models, but I particularly like how the forward lower fuselage and fission guns turned out. The hot red intakes are also a nice touch!

I teased it awhile ago. Finally done and no not perfect but the most Barney badass Wing Commander fighter ever, the Dragon, is done. I needed more pieces and really wanted to scrutinize the wings and fuselage. No part of this super craft was an easy build. Please enjoy.

Original update published on June 13, 2022