Kotaku unboxes Wing Commander III

Solid Eric

Saw this posted up on Kotaku today.


Thinking back to Wing Commander III's manual the other day persuaded me to take a trip to my parent's house over the weekend, and pick up my old copy of the game. And not just pick it up. Open it.

Opening it I found it to be even more awesome than I remember, so I quickly shut it again and thought: "Let's unbox it together! Like it was 1994!"

You'll see I take very good care of my video games when they star Mark Hamill, have a letter saying "Attn: Lord British" on it and come with a book saying the Kilrathi are essentially enormous Imperial Japanese pussy cats.

And just look at those system specs! Frightening.

Nothing that most of you haven't seen before, but it's nice to see Wing Commander III show up on my news feed. Plunkett also put up a nice little gallery too.
Maybe I should do an unboxing of my WC3 Film Canister and put it on youtube :)

Yeah, Kotaku comments won't work for me, but someone should post a picture of the Premiere Edition there. (or my Wing Commander 3 memorabilia collage! https://cdn.wcnews.com/newestshots/full/wc3collage.jpg )

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Okay, I need a TCS Victory t-shirt. I suppose I could make one. I took my canister out for the first time in years and opened it up, it still has the fresh t-shirt smell. I'd like to wear it, but I just can't.
Now that I see all these pictures: I have a different T-Shirt in my box. There is a grey shirt with the box-theme on it. Is it, because my version is the german one? I want one of those Victory-Shirts as well!
I'll tell you folks what I told Twitter--some of us open the box to Wing Commander III /every day/.

The shirt in Chris' picture is the Wing Commander III dev team shirt. The American and German premiere shirts are different, though--the American one is black with an awful green plastic blorb of the box art on the back and the sword-in-shield logo over the breast.
Does anybody remember the Origin interactive catalogue on the WC2 Deluxe Edition CD? I can remember reading about the premiere edition release of WC3 and getting the 'I wants' quite majorly.

Seeing this thread has brought it all back, because WC3 was, and still is my favourite of the entire series.

I really want that poster, even now.
Oh...there is another difference:

My box hasn't got the "Premiere Edition"-Font on the front. I believe, the signature on the box is real? Haven't got those either.