Kilrathi Saga is mean...


Okay, I know most of you frown on the use of the "invulnerable" option, but my philosophy is... if they offer it, why not use it? But after everything I go through in WC1 (too many escort missions!), I don't think it's fair that I should be called "CHEATER." I know there's a way to add "-k -b" to the .cfg file with invulnerability off, then turn invul. back on, and no more "CHEATER." That hasn't worked for me. Did I do something wrong?


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Dralthi, did you edit both cfg-files? Confucious says:

Use a text editor to edit the "wingcmdr.cfg" and "wc2.cfg"
files for Wing Commander 1 and Wing Commander 2. Both
files should be edited to contain "-k -b".

Shipgate you naughty troll...


Yeah, I did that... Meh, I'll try again. I was flustered last night after having to fly some damn escort mission in Dakota over and over again until the Kilrathi didn't blow it up.

And yes, Loom, the game... Monkey Island. Play it. Classic. Yeah.