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Is it possible to map the original two button type joystick roll command in Privateer to a modern stick? I'm using a Logitech Extreme 3D PRO. Have got every command but this one mapped.
Decided to replay PRIV again... thought I had this solved when I figured out that keyboard press in the game of "Page Up" gives a left roll and "Home" yields a right roll. But when I map those to the joystick it does nothing, which is weird because all the other keyboard shortcuts work fine. There must be a way...
I must say I can't find any official reference myself. I had believed it was something else but found out I'm wrong. Experimented with the keyboard and couldn't figure one out myself. The only way I know works is holding down the default button 2 (or 1 if you have a button 0) and steering left or right.
Thanks and of course you are right. But I’m stubborn and had to prove it for myself. For the record, I tried a number of approaches. First I confirmed that the keystrokes were in fact being passed by the stick using a profile testing in Notepad. Then I tried mapping the “HOME” key in DosBox, but that didn’t work either. I even tried something silly, using the mouse right-click command from the stick.
Bottom line all the documented in-flight keys listed in the reference card can be used while using the stick by pressing the key on the keyboard or by mapping the key to the joystick. The undocumented roll command keys I found work only if you select keyboard as your controller, but do not work when joystick is selected even from the keyboard.
BTW the reason I was so hot after this is I wanted to try and top my best from early runs of the game, but need every legal advantage I can get. A little technology evens the field a little bit even with slower reflexes etc… the good news is one last thing I tried was to replace the stick (same model but the old one had a few fragged buttons) and refresh it’s software. Now was finally able to get back to Ragnarok from the Steltek ship in my Orion (Centurion’s too easy).


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