john fights his brother jack

john fights his brother jack

chapter 1
john flew his ship into the gothri shuttle bay where the emperor is sittin on his throne waiting for him. "so you thought you could outwit us did you? mwahaha" laughed john at the empoeror. the emperor rised from his throne and walked to jack "good work, now that we have the hart of the tigers sun we'll be heros" "hurray" said jack as he got out of the fighter he was flying

they brought john to the brig where he was locked up in the cells "FUCK" he screamed at the top of his lungs but no one heard him except kilrathi guards

chapter 2
stickers was all alone in his ship orbitting kilrathi wondering what he should do.his enexperience leaves him no choice but to scream for help from someone else. "FUCKING HELP ME I"M STUCK IN OUTER SPACE" he screamed into the microphone, his voice booming in space.

"Ta da!" screamed a firekka at him as it flew its firekka class ship over to Stickers and it engaged its tracter beam to bring him home

"i'm finally going home" stickers said as he went home in the tracter beam

the firekka left

chapter 3
stickers flew into the ships shuttle bay and landed on the ground inside he got out

sparky flew over to him and gave him a gigantic hug! "OH SHIT, you finally made it back" she screamed at him

"yeah i was really scared"

"me too i thought you were gone"

"me too i was boned but a firekkan saved--" he said to sparky

"--the day" she completed his sentence for him

"we're perfect for eachother let's get married" he said


chapter 4
deep inside the kilrathi prison jack was crying in his cell. his kilrathi have of his body didn't want to cry because kilrathi are strong. "i have to get out of this cell" he screamed "im gonna get out of here if i like it or not" he started clawing at the cell doors with his talons trying to break them.

"kablam!" said the wall behind him in a cloud of smoke as it exploded outward into the cell! john looked through the cloud of smoke to see what happened! look who he saw! "its my brother jack" he screamed "and dad!" when he saw blair behind jack

"we're busting you out of this hellhole son" said blair

"hurray" they said

"we need to fly home" said blair

"yes we need a ship to fly in" said jack

"i bet theres ships in the shuttle bay' said john

"yup" said blair

"we can fly them" said john

"yeah!" screamed jack

they ran down the hall to the elevator bay that goes to the shuttle bay along the way they ran into a platoon of kilrathi marines on training in the academy which they had to kill, luckily they found some guns in a closet

they stole a bunch of ships

chapter 5
the two brothers were flying in a broadsword back to the TCS Harmonica where they'd be sure to win a reward for their heroic actions. they landed in the fighter deck where there was a big ceremony going on in the corner -- "a WEDDING" screamed john and jack to eachother

"aye, stickers is marrying commander wilson" said paladin to the guys

"that's nice" said john

"i'm happy" said jack even though i loved her too


the carrier shook with explosional force as the kilrathi started shooting bombs at it a gun fell off of one of the fighters and discharged it's matter acceleration nuclear force beam and killed half the people at the wedding the only people left were Sparky and john and his brother and tolwyn and stickers

"my wife is dead" said stickers

they all were crying softly as they climbed into their fighters

chapter 6
they launched the fighters and when they got out they killed all the enemy fighters and landed back on the ship

"it's time to go home" said tolwyn to the guy at the helm

"aye aye captain" said stickers as he engaged the hyperdrive

they flew back towards earth.. and towards adventure


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