Interactive Movie Games


What happened to all the great games of this genre? I can't seem to buy them any more and they seemed to have stopped making these sort of games (except of course the excellent Command and Conquer series)

Any idea folks?
i think it can be hard to find the right balance in such games between the amount of gameplay and the amount of movie. games that are full on movie most of the time (like maybe star trek: borg or the x-files game) are good to play but not to play again. i think having lots of movie is great (because i am a big movie fan to begin with) and it can really add to the atmosphere and emotional side of the game and help you care about the characters involved. i have never played a game that has done all this as well as the wing commander games have. despite having lots of movie the gameplay was also great to replay (so were some of the movies!) and there were well-written and put together.

i dunno if the genre is completely dead.... i have read that final fantasy x has heaps of movie in it compared to most games and it is selling very well and has recieved good reviews from what ive seen.
There's a significant difference between Final Fantasy's CGI and the Full Motion Video/Interactive Movie fad that hit the gaming industry in the mid 90s: the latter is much, much more expensive. <G>
Unless you count the terrible Final Fantasy movie, which cost a lot of money and was the reason Squaresoft tossed it's president out of the 14th story window of their headquarters.
Thats too bad too. I'd pay double to get another Wing Commander with FMV. It gives you a good mental picture of events and wingmen. Brings 'em closer to home I guess.
As opposed to the INVISIBLE WING COMMANDER GAME where you don't get a mental picture since there's nothing to see!
You must be talking about the new one that just didn't come out...I'm definately NOT getting a mental picture from that one.

I, myself, was BIG TIME into the "Interactive Movie All FMV Fad!"

So, I feel your pain, Treguard :(

I really got into games like Sewer Shark and Night Trap and am a HUGE Dragon's Lair/Space Ace fan!


Originall posted by Bandit LOAFThey stopped being cool and they never made any money.

Too bad :(
Precisely, I get really annoyed when I can't get old games because they've been sent to the incinerator, or that's what I'm told happens to old games. Terrible

THing is, I don't mind even junky games, like Angel Devoid. It's the fact that I just love them!

Others were:-

7th guest, 11th hour, ripper (not too bad), tex murphy (one of the worser ones), house of the haunting (one of the best ever)!
I love games with movies in them as well, as it really does give you more depth on the characters, as well as looking cool. But they do cost an awful lot to make, and then you'll have some games like Metal Gear Solid 2 which seems to be mostly movies. So I think there's a fine line on how much you can put in.
hey everybody, it's been a while, good to te be back, lot a fresh meat in here;)

anyway i love interactive movies,
Treguard ; how could you not like Tex Murphy, i loved that game, the first one that is.

i don't know what to think about Inca II, it's kinda cool.
those ST games are fun to play only once, and maybe twice if you're a fan.

but wing commander had the perfect formula, to bad they started to mess with a perfeect rescepy.

[as I return, this is my 666th post:cool:]
Well, Treguard, there is still hope for us yet!

Get onto eBay! I've been buying old 3DO FMV titles for, like, $5-$10 a pop!

I'm going to bid on Sewer Shark next time I go on :D
They may have stopped making new ones but, a whole slew are being re-incarnated for dvd-players including dragon's lair & space ace.
sounds good, cheers for the info.

I think there seems to be a trend nowadays using in game cutscenes to save on disc space. Sometimes they can be really affective, and you wouldn't know that you were watching something that was in game.

Undying is an excellent example (the intro anyway). First time i've seen silhouettes used in UT for a battle scene, really effective.

Anyway, I did sort of like Tex Murphy, and ofcourse all the westwood games (suppose I'm a collector). There were mixed reviews about Emporer: Battle For Dune, but personally I thought they did just as well to get away from the fairly isometric look.
Originally posted by Treguard
There were mixed reviews about Emporer: Battle For Dune, but personally I thought they did just as well to get away from the fairly isometric look.

But Emperor:Battle for Dune is a RTS game not a interactive movie, you can´t choose a dialogues (only 1 side with the HArkonnens), it´s a RTS with movies in the middle, just like RA,RA2,TS and others.
Originally posted by Marcml30

Whoa! Including WC3/4/P?

Well, yeah. Why do you think there's been a drought in Wing Commander games? The lack of sales compared to Ultima (boo :mad:).

Besides, from the past year, how many games (popular ones) had live-acted FMV...?