In Memoria ex le Jacques

in memoria ex le jacques

story chapter 1
the crue of the TCS harmonica were all standing in torpedo bay 13 watching the memory service in memory of jack johnson, john's brother. as the reverand jeffrey tolwyn (he went to semenary school after the war won) read the prayers for his memory and his funeral the crew stood in the torpedo bay 13 watching sadly. after reverend toylwn read the story leuatienant carnie wilson played a sad sad song calld amazong grace on her bag pipes. "such a young lass it's sad to see him go, aye" screamed paladin (jim taggered)

a big black torpedo shot jack's corps into OUTER SPACE where the winds of the world will have their way with him: swoosh.after they closed the window that they threw the torpoedo out of a big grothri fighter flew over to it and snacked it with its tracter beam. "mwahaha" laughed the gothri as it pulled the thing into it's shuttle bay. "the emperer will find this very interesting indeed" gorthi said "warp 1!" the gothri flew back to kilrah to show it to the emperer.

chapter 2

john jackson was sitting at his desk in his room listening to Okay Computar when the door bell rang.

"come" he said

his father, commodare blair walked inside

he stood up

"at ease" he said, he sat back down

"i'm sad about jack" said john

"me too" said blair

"he was my brother" said john

"yeah" said blair

"now i'm your only son" said john

"yeah" said blair

"now that your other son was gone: jack" said john

"i know. its sad huh" said blair

"its too bad there isnt anyway we can get the emperer of kilrathi to use the resserection device to bring him back to life"

"yeah" said blair

"bye" said john

"see ya" said blair

john cried himself to sleep, thinking of his brother

Chapter 3
"stickers, set a course for kilrah" said tolwyn

"aye aye sir" stickers replied "asshole" he muttered under his breathe

"what'd you say?" asked tolwyn

"nothing" said stickers

"oh, okay" said tolwyn

they flew to kilrathi

Chapter 4
the gothri flew into the emperer's sleep chamber waking him up fromhis sleep

"WHAT THE FUCK HOW DARE YOU AWAKE ME ASSHOLE" said the emperor kilrathi

"im sorry my liege" said gothri to the emperor bowing to the floor in front of the emperor " i found a human to use against the humans in our experiment!" he screamed

"FUCKIN A" said the emperor jumping out of bed

they use the resuscitation device to bring Jack back to life but with an incredible side effect: jack is now half human half kilrathi

jack cried at his hideously deformed inbreed body

Chapter 5
"sir we're in kilrathi orbit" said john to the emperor

"exellent" replied admiral reverend tolwyn "now lets kill that fucking emperar once and for all! launch all fighters red alert!"

"RED ALERT RED ALERT RED ALERT" screeched the red alert sirens, waking up the pilots

Chapter 6
john was about to kiss a hot chick in a dream when he suddenly heard red alert sirens going off

he stumbled out of bed down to the flight deck where he ran into Stickers, rookie pilot who thinks he's a hot-shot. "can i be your wingman sir now that your brother's finally out of here please?" jack punched him in the nuts for insulting his dead brother. "alright, i guess you can but you have to be a good wingman! NO FUCKING HOT DOGGING" said john to the kid crying on the floor. they got in their gladiuses mark 8 fighters.

LET"S ROCK screamed tolwyn over the intercom as the fighters launched toward the emperer

Chapter 7
the two fighters from the Harmonica were afterburning towards the emperors private room as a mysterious ship launched from his carrier.

"kid stay right on my side while i kill this man! no hot-dogging okay?????" screamed john over the radio to his wingman stickers. john got engaged with the mysterious kat ship that had launched from the emperers carriar. They flew around and around in this circle trying to kill eachother but neither succeeded.

"WHAT THE FUCK THIS GUY IS WAY TOO GOOD HE FLIES JUST LIKE I DO" said john to his wingman Stickers over the radio

"mwahaha" jack laughed as the video screen in john's rapier turned on revealing the mysterious opponent

"OH MY FUCKING GOD ITS MY dead BROTHER :~(" cried john

jack shot up his fighter real good until it disabled

stickers is now on his own

To Be Continued... ?

Ziggy's story, don't copy

Making love with his ego Ziggy sucked up into his mind
Like a leper messiah
When the kids had killed the man I had to break up the band.
I must admit, it is seriously messed up but very funny.

There is no God but myself. No destiny but what I deem for me. I walk my path and no others, for I am free.
ROFL! Jeez! Where did this come from?

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