I never thought I'd be able to say this but....


....my computer is too fast to run WC1!

Anybody know how I can slow down a 5x86
processor(or even a PIII 450, if possible) enough to run it?
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You really don't want to be attempting to run MoSlo in windows. If you succeed it causes, how do you say, IMPOSSIBLY SLOW SYSTEM! and it normally crashes windows (In my experience)


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Silent Warrior: Just got it, thanks a lot!

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Silent Warrior: It does? What about with P2 Deluxe? I was hoping that P2 Deluxe would work properly, since it's a Win9x game... but no such luck. The game goes at the speed of really, really quickly. So sad, since I've never even played it
. It just sits on my shelf.
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