How to get a girlfriend if you're a hopeless nerd.


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How about at least pretending that this isn't the Maxim magazine forums (if they even have them, dunno and don't care)...


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I can actually say I've wasted time wondering where the hell that phrase came from.

The phrase originates from a storied history involving superior cinematic shorts which combine musical accompaniment and animated energy to reveal, among other notable themes, the protagonist's particular and refined tastes in the female body.

Often, these musical gems contain wisdom and advice to assist the common man in obtaining his own version of the perfect female.

I've already ordered my Miss New Booty package for that someone special - hurry before supply is depleted.

Vyris Tykin

My girl has actually played Wing Commander Prophecy and claims to be terrible at it. However, I plugged my computer into her television and managed to fly several missions with her at rapt attention.

Definite keeper!


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I had an gf some time ago who actually flew on my wing in... I think it was rogue leader? She chose the A-Wing, and was actually good at it!