How to find Origin games today?



And do they work on Win/MAC or do I have to fire up my DOS 3.25 AT&T 3600 8086 with the blazing 4.77 Mhtz processor, dual 5 inch floppy (one I converted to house the uber 20MB Seagate drive) and radical CGA graphics?

But seriously, I have had an itch to play Omega and Space Rogue and KoL for years...

How does one go about re-finding these treasures?

Thanks for any guidance...

Omega Clearance
Organization for Strategic Intelligence
Ebay is a good place to look.

Insofar as running them is concerned... Maybe try downloading DOSBox?

DOSBox works for running the early Wing Commander games.
It's possible to get all original DOS and Windows Wing Commander games running on modern Windows XP systems. You may have individual conflicts with certain ATI cards or onboard sound chips, but the DOS games that you'd buy an older computer to run are the easiest to get going thanks to DOSBox. They'd look nicer and play more smoothly than on the system you describe there too.