Hilarious WC moment

I remember flying with Doomsday in WC2 in Broadswords. He CONSTANTLY repeated "Oh, I hate when you do that" every single time we entered combat, to the point I started to order radio silence just after take-off in every mission with him.

Is that my imagination, or did my turret gunners hold any grudges against him? I'm lucky turret friendly fire didn't trigger the "Blair, so you're the traitor!!" situation! :Þ
Just remembered something else that always cracked me up. It's not exactly " unintentionally funny ", but anyway,

On WC3, when Maniac and Flint are looking at Flash zoom around, and you make the choice " They're right "...
After Blair pats Maniac on the shoulder and walks off, when Flint turns her head and giggles, Maniac looking at her and saying:

" Does he pat you like that? "

Not sure why, but the look on his face as he said it always cracked me up.

Also Maniac after either of the choices while he's looking at the Playboy magazines...
I was playing Prophecy once...and I was shooting at this one bug fighter when a different bug fighter came around from behind me and shot a missile at me. So I dropped a decoy and pulled up and over it. So the missile missed me and hit my target. It made me chuckle at the time.
I also like the WC3 "behind the scenes" (available to download on the CIC) when Tolwyn calls Blair "the same asshole colonel". It was so in the spirit of the series.
That was so in character, I wouldn't have even raised an eye if that was in the game. Also, Tolwyn's\McDowell's psychotic expressions, ala Alex in A Clockwork Orange.
"Now if you'll excuse me, Captain, I have an appointment with eternity."
Malcolm McDowell's role in Generation as Dr. Tolian Soran. He was not the first member of his family to star in Star Trek, his Nepthew nder Siddig played Dr Bashir in Deep Space Nine