help please wc1

Ok what you told me to do was fine and here 's what it said.
ESS1869 Configured by PnP BIOS OR ICU.
Commandline parameters ignored
AUDIO I0 :220h IRQ:5 DMA0:1 DMA1:3 MPU401:330h
The problem is im a bit thick i get lost here if i copy from my cd to my hd and call it wc1 ok, when i went to dos it would not work it said bad command line, the problem is you have to install it so as i only have one hd how do i install it am i going mad, cause when i installed it from cd it just hung .
So you first copied the directory from the cd to the hard drive while in windows, went to DOS, loaded the sound drivers and typed

C: [enter]
cd\wc1 [enter]
install [enter]

and it didn't work?
(just checking with this...)


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Ah, good, add the following to the shortcut's autoexec.bat:


Then, when you install the game, choose the following:

Sound Blaster (or SB Pro)
Port 220
DMA 1 (probably won't ask for this one, but I'm including it here for completeness)

That should do it.
I tell you want you guys are good we are almost there. ok i have it running, but it is so fast FASSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTT man how do i slow the beast down?
Easy, grab a copy of Molso (There's a copy of Moslo in the files section though it may not be the newest.), read the documentation and then use it in the way it says (If you can't figure it out just ask and we can walk you through it.)


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"Canadian and proud of it"-TC
Yeah no good
I downloaded old version and then new version unzipped to the wc1 directory used all sorts of percentages even 1% and it slows the game down ok except for the most important parts the action scenes as soon as you go into space it goes 1000 miles per hour any ideas boys?
Hmmm... It runs fine on my 400... (but I prefer the cache method personally for me...)


CAG of the Blacklance HQ
"Canadian and proud of it"-TC
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. Stinger just said that he's _not_ giving up. He'll get back to you when Silent Warrior tells him where he can get Turbo (a different slowdown utility) from.
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Hey sorry guys i don't want to sound ungrateful it's just it would be so bad to have come all this way for it to end in tears.
Grateful as always the Col.
Maybe. I haven't been able to check out the page below (it wasn't responding when I tried), but this link should lead you to a different slowdown utility that works in Windows: . If you can't get there, I can just send you the program via e-mail; I'm gonna try to get it put up in the CIC files section, too, so it should be available soon.
Help i'm still here, don't forget me how can turbo help me when it runs in windows and we were trying to get me working in Dos?
And where is it anyway
Stinger: Can you send that prog along to the CIC and/or to me? That web site clearly ceased to exist a while ago
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Lt. Col: although WC1 is DOS native, there's nothing preventing it from running in Windows.

Quarto: I sent it to Hadrian a while back, but got no reply. I'll try Kris now.