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Written a fic taking place in the Union of Border Worlds? Well, that's what I have in the works. In the end it will turn out to be a fairly long tale following our main character through all different kinds of events in his life. I know, that sounded kind of corny but, give it a chance when you see it..... Coming Soon...
Great, I've been looking for something good to read that is also somewhat like what I am writing. I was out of Wing Commander for a while then found my Price of Freedom CD-Rom and started playing it again, then came up with something that I think might be rather interesting to read.
I haven't been able to work on my story much due to a heavy load at work and school, but I have decided to post the opening paragraph's. If there are any discrepencies in the backstory or timeline, please post corrected information.


This is day I could have never anticipated. I spent my whole life dreaming to retire from the Terran Confederation Space Force as some sort of rank of importance. Instead, I let my emotions get the best of me, threw my discipline out the window and gave them the satisfaction they were looking for. Admiral Tolwyn saw potential for greatness in me and I let him down, after everything he gave me.

At a mere twenty-one years of age, I am headed home. Not as the Colonel or Lieutenant Colonel that I always envisioned that I would return to Silenos Four “Islandia” as being. In ways I guess this will have to do, I am after all one of the youngest to obtain the rank of Major in the TCSF. My story dates back many of my short years, things have happened, more will happen. This, my only journal entry in my entire life, hopefully, bring you up to speed on my life.

I grew up on Silenos Four, aptly named Islandia due to the number of island continents. Our system was colonized in 2310, however it wasn’t until 2410 that the system became truly populated, this was due to the discovery of a wormhole. It was around these years that Jump Technology was growing at an immense pace with new technological advances becoming more available by the week. It was believed that this wormhole could be used to jump to another distant system known as Valgard, amidst this research, scientist also discovered that the same wormhole could also be manipulated to transport to another previously unnamed star system.

Islandia became very popular with the scientists, transport crews and of the Terran Confederation because of its beauty. Tropical beaches near the planets equator, glacial mountain ranges to the north and south, many would say it reminded them of Earth’s planetary makeup. I of course, though human, never considered myself an “Earthling,” I am an Islander.

I grew up knowing only knowing the Confederation, the bases and science outposts were established on every single continent. The Blue Star insignia of the Terran Confederation was even engraved at governmental buildings and the flag flew with our home world’s flag. My parents were content with the Confederation’s presence on our planet, though they were always sure to remind me that we were never officially partnered with the Terran Confederation. Confed, had even had a nickname for systems and planets like ours, which my father was proud of, we were Border Worlders.