Guess what's in Bridge Commander


Rear Admiral
A Murphy Class destroyer


The Murphy is Marts "CptnEisen" Baldwin's from the WCMDF.

I finally found a Milkshape converter to make NIF files for BC. Combine that with Milkshape's ability to read 3ds files (after you rotate the model around in Max a bit), and WC ships are now possible in BC.

I'm still looking over how to do the glow maps for BC so we can have some nice lit engines, as well as hardpoints (as opposed to the temp hardpoint from an Ambassador-class point in having a Murphy behave like the Enterprise-C).
Cool. Like to see a game from the capital ship perspective. :cool: Just curious, does the Murphy-class destroyer have any other weapons besides laser turrets? I read at Wikipedia that it had a heavy plasma turret like the Cerberus.
hehe - Eisen would do fine btw - no need to credit me anyway, I just used HCl's tools and ripped the ship out of the game :) - Credit, as always, should go to Origin :)
Hey, I was just wondering how the progress for the WC -> BC ships were doing. ^_^

I havnt heard anything about it since the Murphy.
Progress is slow - there's been a bit of work trying to get some more models to fit the same scale (does no good to have a tiny Midway next to a giant Murphy), but the main thing I've been working on is getting the weapons to

a) match the locations of the actual guns on the model

b) look more like Wing Commander weapons instead of phasers/disruptors/photon torpedoes

Once I can get the main capships in-game, with the proper glowmaps, I've been thinking of looking at some of the mod tools that came out in the BC community within the past few months that allow ships to launch shuttles (and for a couple of ships, some fighters). Might be a way to adapt that to fit what would be needed for WC, but for now, I'm focusing on the capships themselves. Once they're all in, then there's the option to go back and add fighters.