Greetings fellow Wing Commander Editors, no doubt by now you've read the post on the main wcnews site.

I'd just like to introduce myself to this area.

Now....I'd like to be a bit more specific on the news update for programmers wanted, not only are we looking for programmers, but we're also looking for people to go into func.def for ProphecyC and write a brief summary of what it does, so we can implement them into WingED.

So any of you guys could do that if you want... You'll be included in the credits, just contact me at

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Well, Maverick, I have absolutly no experience with programing, but if you can get that mission editor out, I have lots of time so I could be making a lot of missions. And I'm planing to take some programing clases next year so hopefuly I'll be able to help later.

Anyhow, good luck with your projects, and if you'll need help with stuff like html fell free to e-mail me.

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When the editor is released the func.def descriptions will be placed in a help file for the user to grab whatever code he/she may need.

So yeah a programmers reference.
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