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Thinking this forum should get some new postings to stay alive I'll put this message in here

As you may (or may not) know the Sci-Fi Art people took over some of the forums of the SBA after their site went offline. They even established a WC forum when they realized that there are quite a few WC fans over there, too.

Now it seems that the regulars at Sci-Fi Art are really getting serious about WC. Tachy (one of the head honchos) is trying to assemble his troups of 3D modellers to go on a very hard mission:

To make 3D models of as many WC ships as possible!!!

Right now they are in the planning phase of this mission (assigning jobs, getting their hands on reference pics, etc.).
Wouldn't it be a cool thing if they were able to accomplish that?

IMO, there are some really skilled modelers around but they need help to get reference material. They already know about this site and I advised them to visit Steele Aerospace.

I don't know a thing about 3D modeling but am willing to help with screenshots and other stuff. So, if someone would like to have a look, help or even join link up with them on their CZ at the Sci-Fi Art Forum in the Wing Commander section!

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They should have already given us the ability to configure ships in the WC games. I would have love to have flown a custom ship.
Its possible to fly custom ships in wing commander, only thing you need is a suitable model, its textures, and know how to put it in wc. there are a few ships from other wc games here in the cic, and some other in other sites...

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Yes, i am...i mean...do'h
How about making a software to find ur personal confed pilot friend for download?

Like in zone.com
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