GG Savegame files absent from Save folder


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Hello, could anybody tell me why despite savegame functionality working just fine, I see no files in the .privgold100/save folder? I wish to edit the save file with notepad for ship switching purposes, but the folder is empty, despite have a saved game working just fine?
I've just broken my own world record for finding the solution after making a thread about it. Literally after 2 days of tinkering, I make this post, then five minuets later find the answer. I'll share it anyhow in case anybody else ever stumbles over the same Windows 7 related problem.

Privateer must be 'run as administrator' in addition to the Privateer directory being set to a blanket NON read only. :)
umm my savegame folder is still blank, so im confused. cant seem to do anything to make it other wise
Did you install it under program files? If so, look in users/<username>/appdata/local/virtual store/program files....