Gemini Sector RPG Prepares for Final Push Against the Kilrathi (November 22, 2022)


Super Soaker Collector / Administrator
The crew of the TCS Majestic is gearing up for their final battle and conclusion of a two year campaign. Everything culminates this weekend in the Gemini Sector RPG. This won't be the end of the group's online roleplay adventures, but it does mark the end of a major story arc. Even if it feels like an odd time to join in, the group welcomes all to join and watch at their Discord server! It sounds like they'll have a great time. Check out a few associated vids to set the scene below:

The crew ready for a final strike on the Zhelnar tactical carrier. This is the final mission of the Nitir Campaign. If the pilots manage to destroy the carrier, the kilrathi presence in Ragnarok will be destabilized to a point where ISS can safely protect the colonies.

Original update published on November 22, 2022
Thanks as always for the signal boost. This is a good time for players wanting to try the next campaign to get in touch!