Game Guides: Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe (September 20, 2014)


While it's not an official publication, Mark Minasi's Secrets of the Wing Commander Universe is one of the better written game guides out there. This labor of love was published by Sybex around 1994 and its hefty 459 pages cover every game and add-on up to Privateer, excluding Righteous Fire. Special Operations 1 and 2 were not yet out when the official guide to WC1 & 2 was written, but this book has them covered. The first six chapters deal with hardware and software issues, background information on the ships and weapons, general flying tactics and strategies, and finally the storyline. The remaining eight chapters are for mission specifics. Many pages contain stylish illustrations by Elizabeth Creegan.

Original update published on September 20, 2014
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Oh, man, I loved this book, on long car rides, this was the next best thing to actually being able to play the games.
Indeed. I remember seeing this guide for the first time at the Waldenbooks in Washington Park Mall in Bartlesville, OK (a burgeoning metropolis, of course - but still bigger than the town where I grew up). Picked it up, saw the artwork, bought it and took it home. Right now it's sitting proudly on the shelf right between my '74-75 edition of Jane's Fightings Ships and my RPGs. Still very useful; that was the only source I could find with any guesstimate on the size of the Paradigm when the time came to build the thing for WCRPG...