French Privateer Review Is a Visual Treat (September 13, 2021)


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Last week we got a peek at some fabulous French reviews for Wing Commander 2, including one from Generation 4 magazine. LOAF dug up the Gen 4 review of Privateer, and it's also a wonderful experience. You definitely don't have to read French to appreciate it: there' some crazy cartoon in the beginning and lots of artfully arranged screenshots. The ship component and dealer pages are especially cool! Privateer ends up with a nice 93% score in the end.

The Gen 4 review of Privateer is also absolutely off the hook.

Original update published on September 13, 2021


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The cockpit pictures are wrong associated on the 5th picture:
First picture shows Tarsus, not Galaxy.
Third picture shows Centurion, not Tarsus.
Last picture shows Galaxy, not Centurion.
Obviously only the Orion is really correct 😁

Privateer 1 is still my favorite Wing Commander game of all times! It just feels like home and a future I'd like to live in. Way better than Privateer 2...


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Oh well spotted. I thought you were referring to the ship images at first. At least the descriptions seem to be accurate.