Freespace series

Have to agree with you that Prophecy is better for its cotinuation of the storyline and the emotional attachment the player feels towards the characters. One ejection pod or twenty, it makes no difference in Prophecy, because one actually cares about whether or not the pilot is rescued versus captured.

With FreeSpace who cares about what happens to the pods. Boo hoo, their station just got destroyed and they are fleeing for their lives but as a player why should I care? Its not like my character has any attachment to anyone in the pods, the people aren't critical to the war effort, I just have to save them to continue the game. Thats all there is to that.
Maj.Striker said:
Charges have been leveled at Bombadier for Attempted effort which failed horribly. On the grounds that he is apparently incompetent at such acts I move he be acquited.

Ok but seriously, what are you trying to say?
I'm pretty sure he was trying to say exactly what he said - his attempted sarcasm exists only in your head :).