Free XBox Live Gold Weekends This Month (November 18, 2009)


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XBox Live will be completely free in most areas this weekend, so it's a great time for Wingnuts to get together for some Wing Commander Arena matches. The vast majority of Arena players already have subscriptions that let them play online, but the few who don't should not miss out! Europe's free trial will happen the following weekend, so hopefully there will be some sessions going both times. Post when you would be able to play here to set things up. You can also stop by #Wingnut or find friends in the CIC gamertag database.

Upcoming Free Xbox LIVE Weekends

With the latest batch of new LIVE Features now available, we’re kicking off a few FREE LIVE Weekends so that Silver members can get a free trial of all the Xbox LIVE features.

During the free LIVE Weekends, all Xbox LIVE Silver members can enjoy: online multiplayer, Facebook, Twitter, Last.FM, Netflix, Sky Player, Halo Waypoint and 1 v 100*

Here is the schedule of when the freeness starts for Silver Members:

For all Xbox LIVE regions except those in Europe, Xbox LIVE Silver members will have free access from November 20th from 12n ET /9a PT /17:00 GMT until November 23rd from 12n ET /9a PT /17:00 GMT

For All European Xbox LIVE regions, Xbox LIVE Silver member will have free access from November 25th from 17:00 GMT until November 30th at 17:00 GMT

If you don’t have a free Xbox LIVE Gamertag, sign up for one now so you are ready for the weekend.

Original update published on November 18, 2009
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This Weekend - Arena matches? Free xbox live gold.

Microsoft wants to promote their new facebook and twitter features, so they're making xbox live gold free for this weekend. "All gold features will be unlocked". (12pm ET Nov 20th to 12 PM ET Nove 23rd). If you are only a silver member, this might just be your chance to try out the great Arena multiplayer modes. I can't guarantee I'll be able to play this weekend, but it seems like a great opportunity for everyone to try and get some big capship matches going.

Also, gold member discounts will be available as well, so if you were holding off on any particular DLC...
I’m up for some of that. I never had the pleasure of participating in a 16 player Capital Ship game, and long for a TCS Tiger’s Claw merit badge.
ahhhhhh wish cytanet would hurry up and sort my broadband out so i can get on xbox live again. i to am still looking to get the tigers claw badge.
That's neat. Though of course, I'll be gone the weekend of the 28th and 29th. Still, 25th to 27th I should be available for a few rounds.
So, are we going to get a few games going this weekend?

Name the times you might be available and I'll see if I can log on those times. The other thing you should do is add as many people from here ahead of time. Then you can invite them to a game if they're online if you can't find any active matches from within the game itself.

If you haven't played much on line you may also want to check you port forwarding and NAT settings to make sure you are ready.