For all my fellow starfighter fans...

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Well, it's not Wing Commander, but I do role-play as a starfighter pilot in an original sci-fi setting called Otherspace. It's MUSH for those of you that know what such things are. For those that don't, it's a text-based RPG.

I'm currently looking for anyone interested in joining the ranks of the Sivadian Royal Naval Aerospace Service (RNAS) to fly their Spitfire class multi-role fighters. We're a proud people steep in a long history and tradition. The Royal Naval Service operates much like the imperial British Navy of the Victorian Era and have strong sense of duty, the RNAS is the branch in charge of the fighter squadrons.

Anyone interested in joining, there's more information at The OSWiki link is where you can find more info about Sivadians and their culture. Send me a message if you want to join up.
Methinks you need to read the rules more closely when you sign up for an account. Specifically:
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Doubly so when it's your very first post. That you waited half a year before posting, as opposed to posting the day after registration, is why I'm simply closing this thread, and not banning your account.
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