Flak Download


Rear Admiral
Hello Saga Team,

Thanks for the release, WC Saga is good fun! I was just wondering if you guys had a flak gun download that I could mod the Lexington with when I make FRED missions.

Well, there is still an entry called "Kilrathi standard flak" in the weapons.tbl, it's a remnant from an earlier stage of development. Don't mind the name, it can be mounted on confeds too.

But I have to admit, I'm not sure the effect files are still in the download package. You need to try it out.
It won't work in the full release though, as I purged the weapons.tbl a few weeks ago.
Would you guys happen to have an 8-bit .wav clip of the WC4 Laser Turret SFX? If not, would you guys know where I can find one?