Fighter coloring sheet challenge


Yep, that's what I'm proposing.

In a few days time I'll be releasing a coloring sheet of the a top down WC2 Rapier, where we fellow wingnuts can color it in any scheme they want. Standoff's Rapier II is my favorite bird out of the flock (sadly, the Sabre just falls a tad short of a Kilrathi hair).

The challenge is for others to produce a fighter they love and submit a black and white top down image for other fellow WingNuts to color to their hearts content.

Edit: I've included a smaller resolution of my Rapier II, however, this is WIP.


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Thusly Ninja, I raise you a Rapier 2.

When I get my student version of Illustrator, then it'll be vectoring ho!


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how much does the student version of illustrator run?

I love that program but I've never really wanted to pay for it