Fight the Power (August 12, 1998)



Hey guys... I recently learned something that really disturbs me. GMS has forced us to remove the 'full' versions of the Wing Commander movie images from our screenshot archive, saying that we were (and I quote) "steeling the watermarked originals". Now, this brings about several questions. First off, how are we stealing them? There is absolutely NO disclaimer at their site regarding the use of the images, and one wonders why they have enourmous watermarks on them, if they are intended for GMS' use only? Plus, the email sent to us calls them their 'official images', where many of them are the same as the ones distributed to the press by Digital Anvil. In short, they are screwing over Wing Commander fans because they're more interested in their own site than promoting the Wing Commander movie. I've already taken steps to report them to DA and OSI, but I urge you all this: do not visit their so called official site (it is indeed NOT the official movie web site, which will be up at a later date), and protest their actions if possible. You are invited to mail the man who contacted us, Roland Roth. I invite GMS to make a full apology to true WC fans (either via email or at the Chat Zone) within 36 hours. If no apology or comment is recieved I will take this to mean that they have no problems with us reposting the 'removed' pictures.

Original update published on August 12, 1998
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